A new environmentally conscious fairytale with a South Bronx twist!

Etching by Alejandra Delfin

Jackie is after more than beans as she battles asthma and a giant polluter while trying to hold on to her dreams in this delightfully funny, environmentally-conscious theatrical event.

Jackie and the Beanstalk reflects the lived experience of many families in the South Bronx, and combines serious social issues with theater and circus arts to engage young people in decisions about their neighborhood.

Performances engaged over 1,000 Bronx residents. Customized lesson plans were used by hundreds of local teachers. Organized annual post-performance community health fair with local information, resources, on-site services, and food. Open to all residents.

Produced with support from The POINT Community Development Corporation in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Written by: Kayhan Irani
Directed by: Kelly DiBertolli
Aerial Choreography by: Teresa Kochis
Performed by: Kayhan Irani, Teresa Kochis, and Anna Zastrow.
Live music: Dan Covan
Sound Design: David Schulder

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