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Telling Stories to Change the World: Global Voices on the Power of Narrative to Build Community and Make social Justice Claims

Rickie Solinger, Madeline Fox, and Kayhan Irani, Editors
Routledge; May 2008

Telling Stories to Change the World is a powerful collection of essays about community-based and interest-based projects where storytelling is used as a strategy for speaking out for justice. Contributors from locations accross the globe - including Uganda, Darfur, China, Afghanistan, South Africa, New Orleans, and Chicago - describe grassroots projects in which communities use narrative as a way of exploring what a more just society might look like and what civic engagement means.

Collectively, these projects demonstrate the contemporary power of stories to stimulate engagement, active citizenship, the pride of identity, and the humility of human connectedness.

Telling Stories to Change the World collects moving and powerful essays from across the globe that speak to the power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit. It proves that telling stories, and listening to one another carefully, does have the power to change the world. It’s a terrific collection!
— Dave Isay. Founder of StoryCorps and MacArthur Fellow

Chapter 1: Storytelling for Social Justice: Creating Arts-Based Counterstories to Resist Racism

Lee Anne Bell, Dipti Desai and Kayhan Irani, Authors

This chapter looks at the participatory process of the Storytelling Project and the story types outlined in the curriculum as a way to support youth in analyzing and developing counternarratives to issues of racism and oppression.