Photo: Ruby Washington/New York Times Sunday, April 4, 2004

Photo: Ruby Washington/New York Times
Sunday, April 4, 2004


“Unafraid of Uncertainty: Developing Grassroots Leaders in Afghanistan Using Theater” - The Journal of the International Leadership Association, Arts & Social Change Corner.

"Storytelling for Social Justice: Creating Arts-Based Counterstories to Resist Racism" by Lee Ann Bell, Dipti Desai, and Kayhan Irani from the volume Culturally Relevant Arts Education for Social Justice: A Way Out of No Way. Hanley, Noblit, Sheppard, and Barone, Editors.
Click here for a PDF sample of Kayhan's writing from the book.

"The Big Question: Is There a Global Canon?" – World Policy Journal, Fall 2010
Click here for a PDF of the article.

"For the Sake of Others: Virtual Roundtable on 'The Role of the Artist in a Conflict Zone" – The Mantle, October 2012
Click here to view the virtual roundtable in full on the
Click here for a PDF of Kayhan's essay for the virtual roundtable.

"New Life Café" from We Are New York Magazine
A comic book co-written by Kayhan Irani, as a companion to her Emmy-award winning TV series We Are New York, a 9-episode broadcast TV drama used as an English language and civic engagement tool for immigrant New Yorkers.
Click here to view a PDF of the comic book.

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