The Compass, The Road

I’ve got great news:  Women in Islam– a terrific organization of Muslim women dedicated to social justice – has decided to give me their Compass Award at the annual Dr. Betty Shabazz Awards Ceremony!  They said the Compass Award is meant to recognize the work of forging forward in new directions, leading us in the right direction when we are not always familiar with the terrain.

A friend of mine, Kazembe,  said that to really see someone for who they are, to truly recognize them, is a radical act.  Well, it is nice to truly be seen and to know that my inner compass is recognized.  We all walk together, leaving a trail, moving towards hope.

I hope you can join me at the awards luncheon on June 26th.  Tickets support the work of Women in Islam and you get to hang out with me and other amazing women!

In other news, my trip to Kabul has been postponed until the fall.  I’ll let you know the latest as it develops.

With hope and love,