The Force is With You

Star Wars comes out this weekend and the events all over the world are reminding us of the tremendous forces of darkness and light that exist here on earth.

In the darkness we hurt. The pain and anger make us want to strike back, get revenge, and feel superior. Those who wish to manipulate us plant stories of hatred and discord to divide us from each other. We feel isolated, confused, and powerless.

But this time of the year is the season of light. In homes all across the globe, little flames from the menorah flicker in windows and teeny tiny strings of Christmas lights wrap around homes and trees. And it's the season for us to gather together with loved ones and be reminded of the tremendous power that we hold within – our ideas, faith, love and humanity gets a little stronger. Now, more than ever, each bit of our inner light is needed.

Will you join me and back a project that has brought tremendous hope and light to me in these troubled times?

The Muslim Women’s Story Lab is a unique and hopeful approach to mobilizing Muslim women around issues that they face using storytelling, theater, and art-making to create a path for change.

In today's climate, story and art are more necessary than ever. We need these important tools for change.

All of you know how committed I am to art, culture, and peace. I need your support for this project. It is a tiny, community-sprouted project that has so much potential.

Our circle is small but with your help we can expand our reach and build on the momentum already created.
People of all faiths, genders, ethnicities, and identities have backed this project and we need you. (Yes, YOU!)

Please donate today!



If you can’t give, tell someone. ... Share this with a few friends or allies who would like to see this work grow and multiply.

It is winter for the forces of oppression … the spring belongs to us!
Join me to sow seeds of peace, unity, women’s power, and creativity!

With love and light,