The Time is Now

"The earth needs to hear our voice to heal. Let's direct the sound of our voice, into the center of the earth, first by whispering, then shouting, and finally singing our names." - Opening exercise from the Story Lab.

There is one week left for you to support the healing and transformational work that telling our stories can accomplish.

The Muslim Women’s Story Lab is working to keep all of us human and to have our shared struggles recognized through storytelling, community engagement, and the arts.

As media personalities and political candidates spread divisive messages of fear and misinformation, this is an important time to reflect on how we choose to recognize and uphold the humanity within ourselves and each other.

Watch this video for more info. and donate:

As we reach the end of our crowdfunding campaign, we need you more than ever.

The Story Lab is working hard to raise $20,000. This money will be used to 1) Create, support, and host a beautiful and professional exhibit in March which will include multimedia content and special live events;  2) Create infrastructure and materials that will document and communicate our powerful stories past the timeframe of the Lab.

Will you help us meet this goal by January 14th?

In an email, one of our participants wrote:

"It was a moment of discovery. A discovery of oneself through other eyes and other voices. It was the realization that ultimately our stories are all connected. They communicate our love for the Muslim community, our pain at not being heard sometimes (both by our men and some of our women), and our preoccupation with the public space: at how to inhabit the world as Muslim women without feeling judged and dehumanized, at how to counter those moments of aggression, often unintended, when in the eyes of others we are rendered as devoid of agency and joy because of our religion. A memory comes to mind of a neighbor asking me once: 'Do Muslim women dance?'”

The time is now, the conditions are right, will you step into the circle and add your voice?

Please support us today. Visit the fundraising page today to learn more about the project. And don’t forget that you can support us by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook as well!