Shiny New Things

Good Morning!

Spring has finally sprung in NYC.  I went underground this winter, barely sticking my little head up to post and blog.  Fear not! I was busy in my little hole, crafting all sorts of goodies to pull out, including a shiny, new website designed by the brilliant and mulit-talented Ariel Estrada. What else is cooking? Read on!


Little Rock Civil Rights Educator Institute 2015! We are still accepting applications. Get yours in today and spread the word to your colleagues!

I had the chance to co-design and implement an parents' ESOL curriculum with Literacy Partners. The goal was to help parents learn English while gaining skills they need to support their children's early language and literacy development.  I was honored to learn from and teach a brilliant group of mothers in the Bronx. 



I am plugging away at my play Tree of Seeds. It's rather strange and sad to be writing about an uprising in Yemen almost 50 years ago as I listen to radio broadcasts about today's uprising. But as my wise big brother said, "Maybe it's the universe telling you something."

I'm developing three T.V. pilots and I just realized that they are all about Latinos! Hey, I am a Nuyorican after all! Want to help me make those scripts a reality? Escribame!



My collaborator, Gail Burton, and I are developing a Muslim Women's Story Lab in partnership with Women in Islam, Inc. We are developing our Story Lab model to apply to other communities. Contact me to learn how to bring a Story Lab in your community.

I had the chance to travel to South Carolina to consult with a dynamic and passionate group of artists, educators, and community workers on how arts programs can address issues of poverty. There is growing interest in this field and I'm helping people design and dream up creative interventions to real-world issues.