Halfway to Spring

I ended the year as a painting, turned digital image, for the cover of Bazaar, Mexico. A cover that belongs to my friend, and brilliant artist, Aliza Nisenbaum who is of Jewish, Mexican heritage. The subtitle of the piece is “Resistance Starts at Home”.

The second-half of winter goes quicker (in my mind) when I hear of plans and juicy projects people are tending to. So here is a rundown of what I’m nurturing into the spring and beyond!

Reach out if you want to support or get involved!

CREATIVE WRITING: Yes, I’ve been threatening you all with new creative pieces and they’re well underway. My new solo show There is A Portal addresses the frayed relationships under the divisive discourse of the “War on Terror” and holds out the possibility of repairing those relations.  It centers on my personal recollections of 9/11, experiences post 9/11, and the hidden, psychological scars that linger in people of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian heritage.  It’s an attempt to heal from the Islamophobic and xenophobic narratives have been installed within our psyches -- through theater!

T.V.: Yes, I have a TV pilot I’m shopping around. It deals with the themes of making a home, redemption, reconciliation, family and betrayal. It’s a new genre I’m calling “Novela-Noir” and is centered on a Mexican American family and the all-female, horseback riding, skilled sport of Escaramuza! It features strong women, high drama, and synchronized routines, done in great outfits while riding side-saddle! Anyone have contacts with the #FiercelyLatina women in Hollywood? I think they might want to know about this!

IN COMMUNITY: I am supporting a project using theater and storytelling to start new conversations around reproductive justice. We are looking for educators, students, artists, activists and community members - nationwide - to perform these stories in their own communities.

Might you be interested in producing a reading or do you know folks on campuses or in community who would like to use theater and story to address these issues?  Contact me!





Painting by  Aliza Nisenbaum

Painting by Aliza Nisenbaum

Jaipur Lit Fest 2017, Boulder CO

Jaipur Lit Fest 2017, Boulder CO

More here: https://pasionarriera.weebly.com/escaramuza.html   

More here: https://pasionarriera.weebly.com/escaramuza.html